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Published on: 10.01.2012

Originating from America, Holler's roots spring from the black urban music industry and is influenced by soul stories, colours and styles.

Holler takes its design inspiration from many aspects of the Black urban Soul era from the music and lyrics to the fashions and styles of the vast Soul generations.

Before Holler has even been officially launched it is already being endorsed by Britain's favourite dance troupe Diversity.

Darren McCormick adds, "We are very pleased to have the nations favourite dance troupe, endorsing Holler. Diversity, are 11 incredibly talented young men, most of which have grown up together, making them have a brilliant collective identity, and energising their performances. We feel very proud to have such a successful and talented group endorsing the product".

Watches are available for men and women, with either digital or analogue movements, and offer a wide selection of styles and materials. With a retail price range from £50 to £180, there is sure to be a product for everyone. Also on offer from the Holler collection are baseball caps and t-shirts, with some exciting new products promised for this year.