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Holler News / West Bromwich Albion Partnership

Published on: 01.06.2012

West Bromich Albion Partnership
DMJ announce Holler as Timing Partner with West Bromwich Albion

Timing is a key word in football and the watch industry, where memories that last a lifetime are created in seconds. To win the match footballers must adapt to different environments, just as a watch brand must adapt to be the best on the market. So the announcement of Holler as the new timing partner for premier league football team West Bromwich Albion, is a fitting match.

Since the brand's official launch at IJL last year, it has grown from strength to strength. With a number of star sponsorship signings- from Mike Tyson to Diversity- becoming a timing partner marks an exciting and commendable new chapter in the Holler's launch plans.

Holler is one of only a few of the timing partners in the premier league, making this move perhaps one of the biggest feats yet.

DMJ Managing Director Darren McCormick said: 'The partnership with West Bromwich Albion is a very big and important step for Holler, and it will help achieve wider recognition for the brand. We have always tried to find fitting partnerships for all our brands, and see the choice of West Brom for Holler as a perfect combination.'

Holler's logo, which includes the iconic wings, will appear on all home matches timing screens. All watches can be found at Our Watch Gallery.